Santoka Ramen

Address: Mitsuwa Supermarket, 595 River Road, Edgewater, NJ

Phone: 847-357-0286

If you have cravings for awesome ramen (I mean, really really really awesome ramen) and don't know where to get it, we strongly recommend that you make a trip to Mitsuwa Supermarket at Edgewater NJ and try this ramen place in the supermarket's foodcourt. I never liked ramen until I have tasted the ones in Tokyo, and trust me, Santoka serves good ramen, even by Tokyo's standard. But expect to wait in line especially during the weekends. It's that good!
Gan: I still remember the original Santoka ramen I tried in Tokyo after a party at the TK boss' home late at night. The toroniku at that Santoka somewhere near Shibuya was to die for. The char shiu just melts in your mouth and I'm serious about that! Not even a bite is needed. Just like the best toro tuna. Thanks to Eric and Ryo-chan for bringing me there. Ever since then, I always complained about not having any good ramen place back here in NYC/NJ. Now with a Santoka chain available in Edgewater, NJ, I can put that to rest.


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