170 8th Ave, New York

Phone: 212-488-2510

Gan read about Pinkberry somewhere and brought me there to sample some Frozen Yogurt and Smoothies. We love Jamba Juice's smoothies, but hate the fact that they add so much sugar. So it is good to know that we now have another place to go for great smoothies without all those sugar. There was a long line to get in, but once you order and pay at the cashier, it doesn't take too long for pick up. Gan and I really enjoyed our Green Tea Yogurt and Pinkberry Smoothie. Will definitely go back for more next time! Gan: This seems to be the most recent fad in the smoothie business, just as Jamba juice had been the past couple of years. These seems to originate from California and pops all over the NYC city at insane rate. With the urban setting and its health conscious dwellers, I can see why the no sugar and no preservatives yogurt based ice cream + fresh fruits could work well. Then again, it's a fad... so it'll stay popular until either we all get tired of it or the next "in" thing is here.

Pick a topping, or two or however many you want!

Green Tea Frozen Yogurt with Raspberry, Strawberry and Blackberry ( I love all types of Berries!)

Pinkberry smoothie
*pictures taken using iphone camera

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